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Eating Out Series: Mexican Food

Who doesn’t love a good a Mexican meal? Consider the following when ordering at a Mexican restaurant:

  1. Chips: To start, portion the chips on your plate instead of eating them straight out of the basket. After you have portioned out your chips, move them out of reach on the table. Use salsa or portion guacamole on your plate as dipping options.

  2. Drinks: Order water and share a margarita with a friend/family member instead of ordering multiple alcoholic beverages just for yourself. Primarily sip on the water and intersperse sips of the margarita throughout. This will provide a sweet taste and allow you to enjoy the social gathering without consuming hundreds of added calories.

  3. Protein: Select a protein with lower fat content. Choose chicken, shrimp, or beans over steak or pork. This will reduce the overall calorie count of the meal.

  4. Vegetables: Load up on vegetables. Peppers, onions, tomatoes, and lettuce are the most common vegetables offered at Mexican restaurants. Some Mexican restaurants will even allow you to order an extra side of veggies, even if it is not written on their menu.

  5. Sauces: Order light cheese or ask for the sauce on the side. Restaurants don’t follow appropriate portion sizes and typically don’t serve low-fat cheese/dressings. Asking for it light or on the side will allow for a more accurate serving size.

  6. Leftovers: Mexican food is often served in large portions. Before you start eating, portion off how much you are planning to eat at this meal and box the rest. Enjoying it a second day is an added bonus

We can dine out, enjoy the festive flavors, and participate in fun gatherings without compromising our nutrition goals. Make a plan going in to set yourself up for a healthy yet satisfying meal.

Co Authors: Katelyn Greenleaf & Ciana Bonfiglio



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