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Good vs. Elite

As an athlete, daily nutrition and health-related habits affect performance. These behaviors are interrelated, so applying only one will not set us up for excellence. Just as a machine can’t function at its maximum capacity without all of its gears, our bodies can’t perform at its highest potential without all necessary health components. See the differences between what makes a good athlete versus an elite athlete.

Reach out to me for further help in gearing up to enhance your sport performance for track & spring road races.

Co-editor: Ciana Bonfiglio



Hi, my name is Katelyn Greenleaf, Registered Dietitian, Nutritionist

NuLeaf Nutrition strives to...

1. Provide scientifically-backed information to help athletes find a nutrition plan that fits their individual health/fitness goals.

2. Educate people in achieving optimal nutrition in attempts to prevent the development of chronic diseases. 

3. Improve total health by emphasizing balance in the diet and physical activity.

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