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As you’re accomplishing new fitness goals, many people enjoy tracking their progress towards their ideal weight/body composition goals. There are many different ways to measure your body composition such as the DEXA scan, underwater weighing, BodPod, etc. However, these methods can be quite complicated for the average fitness enthusiasts to perform because they require high tech machinery and can be costly. As a result, most people use either skin fold thickness and or bioelectrical impedance (which you all know as the In Body).

For a skin fold thickness test, calipers are used to pinch different areas of body fat to determine body fat %. The drawback here is the pinching can sometimes be uncomfortable or painful. Luckily there is a pain free option known as bioelectrical impedance. For this test, an electrical current is run through the body measuring resistance of conductivity. Body fat has little water and therefore will have higher resistance/impedance. Lean muscle mass has more water and will conduct much easier with the machine providing less resistance.

The bioelectrical impedance measurement is the fastest way to measure body composition with the machine doing all the work for you. Some drawbacks that may interfere with its accuracy are dependent on the amount of water you drink, recent food consumed, or exercise performed. For example, if you eat a meal right before you step up to your InBody scan, then the machine might overestimate your muscle mass and underestimate body fat. Another example is if you consume a lot of sodium during the day before you have your InBody scan, the machine may overestimate your muscle mass and underestimate body fat. The most accurate read is first thing in the morning before you have had anything to eat or drink (and before your workout).

If you would like guidance in reaching your ideal body composition, or would like to improve your InBody results then please message me. I would love to chat with you about your nutrition goals, and come up with a nutrition plan that is SUSTAINABLE!:)

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