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Nutrition as We Age

Aging is inevitable! To apply the appropriate nutrition practices, we must first understand the body changes that transpire as we age. These include: -Slower metabolism. This often leads to weight gain due to consuming more calories than calories expended -Decreased lean body mass -Shrinking bone density -Malabsorption of vitamin B12 -Decreased thirst sensation

Given these changes, we must evaluate our dietary intake and strive to incorporate the following practices in our diet.

- Potentially fewer calories than we needed in our younger years - Increase consumption of high-quality protein sources, such as lean chicken, turkey, fish, eggs, tofu, lentils etc. This helps to prevent loss of lean muscle. - Consume foods that contain vitamin B12, including salmon/tuna, fortified breakfast cereals & nondairy milk. Supplements may be necessary. - Consume adequate amounts of calcium & vitamin D. These go hand in hand; calcium helps to maintain bone density and blood clotting, while vitamin D works in absorbing calcium. Sources of calcium include dairy products (prefer low-fat/fat-free), green leafy vegetables, fortified nondairy products (almond milk, etc). Sources of Vitamin D: salmon, cheese, fortified juice/milk, sunshine. Supplements may be necessary. - Be cognizant of hydration levels. Water prevents dehydration and assists with digestion. Opt for low-fat and sugar beverages.

These are general changes and nutrition recommendations as we reach older adulthood. Every individual is unique and therefore, may need more tailored nutrition guidelines. It is important to consult with a doctor and/or registered dietitian prior to taking supplements. If you have further questions, always feel free to DM me.

Co Authors: Katelyn Greenleaf & Ciana Bonfiglio



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