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Nutrition Goals

The New Year is right around the corner and so are resolutions. While these are made with good intent, research shows that 80% of resolutions drop off by the second week of February. How do we avoid this cycle? Here are 6 steps to guide you through setting AND achieving goals:

1- Develop an overall, realistic vision

2- Break it down into smaller, mini goals

3- Be specific

4- Make goals measurable

5- Set a reasonable time frame

6- Have an accountability partner

Example of a bad goal: Lose weight

This is very general, how much weight? When will you achieve this weight loss by? What small steps/goals will you accomplish to reach this goal? Who will be your support system throughout this process?

Example of a good goal: Lose 20lbs by August of 2022.

I will:

Go to OTF 4days/week.

Eat a fruit or vegetable at each of my meals 7 days/week.

Drink 60 oz of water every day

Get a minimum of 7 hours of sleep 6 days/week.

Have a friend meet me for workouts 2x a week.

Setting a realistic goal is essential to making progress. If it’s too daunting we are more likely say “forget it, I can never reach that.” Let’s not push healthy lifestyle changes off for another year. This is YOUR year to take control! DM me if you need help in setting nutrition goals or knowing where to start.

Co Authors: Katelyn Greenleaf & Ciana Bonfiglio



Hi, my name is Katelyn Greenleaf, Registered Dietitian, Nutritionist

NuLeaf Nutrition strives to...

1. Provide scientifically-backed information to help athletes find a nutrition plan that fits their individual health/fitness goals.

2. Educate people in achieving optimal nutrition in attempts to prevent the development of chronic diseases. 

3. Improve total health by emphasizing balance in the diet and physical activity.

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