Pre-Workout Snacks

PRE WORKOUT SNACKS: When you have a hard workout coming up, what do you do to prepare? Do you drink water throughout the day, or bring your workout flats, or do any extra warmup dynamic drills? Well let me challenge you to also prepare for your workout with food!!

Carbohydrates are the EASIEST macronutrient for your body to convert into energy. Even though your body can convert protein and fat to energy too, your body runs the best off of carbs. That's why you have probably heard of the term "carb loading" before races.

Before your hard speed workouts, it is best to top off your carb store beforehand. If you have ~2-2.5 hours to digest your snack, pair a carb with a protein (ex: toast with peanut butter). If you only have ~1 hour to digest your snack, have a simple/easy to digest carb (ex: dried fruit).

Comment below, what is your favorite pre workout snack? If you do not have a strategy when it comes to snacking around your sport, message me so that we can chat about it!


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